International Culture Center

We provide opportunities for students to increase their awareness, understanding of and respect for the world's diverse cultures.

The International Culture Center is a joint project of The Enrichment Centers and The Prejudice Institute, dedicated to promoting multicultural harmony and awareness through community-based educational enrichment programs.

Participants ”travel" around the world through

  • meeting people from other lands
  • student-exchange opportunities
  • learning about other languages
  • museum trips
  • planning cultural extravaganzas and exhibits

The main focus of our Maryland-based program is to provide real-life opportunities for meaningful cultural exchange and enrichment for children in Maryland.

Some of the activities include:

  • field trips
  • sampling foods from different countries
  • sharing culture, history, and customs with staff members and students from all over the world who have come to share their culture, history, and customs

Language Immersion Programs

These programs provide students ages 3 to 18 with total language immersion, and are taught by native speakers of Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, German. Instruction in other languages and in English as a second language may also be available. Because we know that children at an early age pick up languages almost effortlessly, our language immersion program begins at age three.

Our staff has representatives from European, Asian, South American and African ethnic and national cultures.

Home Stay Programs

These programs give families an opportunity for extended cultural interaction through hosting a foreign student or a college intern from abroad or another region in the U.S.

Programs are available year-round.

The Prejudice Institute

The Prejudice Institute, headquartered in Baltimore, MD., brings together teachers and mentors from a variety of backgrounds to share their cultural experiences as part of an anti-prejudice, anti-violence, anti-bullying program. The Institute is a primary consultant to The Enrichment Centers, Inc. in developing multicultural educational curricula.

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