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Throughout our many years of successfully serving the needs of students, thousands have passed "through our doors," on their way to confidently engaging the world. Below are comments that attest to the quality of the summer, tutoring, and after-school programs we provide.

North Bethesda After School Program!

I am writing to express our gratitude for the outstanding service that you and The Enrichment Centers, Inc. provide to the students and families of North Bethesda Middle School. You always go the extra mile to accommodate our organization’s particular needs. The children are having fabulous, educational and entertaining experiences. Your dedication and background makes a good experience GREAT! Thank you so much for your unwavering attention to detail and all that you and the staff at TEC provide. It’s a pleasure to do business with you. We mean every word of what we have said.

Thank you!

Mary Collishaw
Chair of the North Bethesda After School Activities Committee


Tiffany DeZee, Programming Sub Committee
With the North Bethesda After School Activities Committee


"I not only improved my test taking abilities for the MCAT, but for every single test that I will have in medical school!"

This past summer I took the MCAT for the second time and utilized the Enrichment Centers for my preparations. Last summer when I took the MCAT for the first time, I utilized a major preparation company that shall not be named for confidentiality reasons. I did not get tutoring from them, but rather participated in a class which was good preparation but not enough to achieve the score that I wanted. I have heard that their tutoring is personalized but probably not to the extent of personalization that I got from Dr. Webbink and the Enrichment Center.

During my experience with Dr. Webbink and the Enrichment Center, I worked with four people, Dr. Webbink, Holly Hargreaves, M.A. a student who is physics major from Emory, and a graduate of Haverford with a Master's from Middlebury. Dr. Webbink worked with me on anxiety strategies dealing with the test and it proved effective as I did not feel very anxious during test day. The class that I took last year did not address test anxiety that was very effective. With Holly Hargreaves, I worked on study tactics that I would have never gotten from a major test preparation company. With Holly's help, I was able to study much more efficiently than last year. With both the student tutors, I was able to understand concepts and test taking strategies that were much more comprehensive than what I got from my class last year. Quite a few of my questions were unable to be answered because the instructor did not know how to answer it—with the two students, I never had that problem.

As I was investigating companies for my MCAT preparation, I was leery on small companies as opposed to large companies with well-known reputation. I decided to take a chance with Dr. Webbink and the Enrichment Centers and that proved to be a wise decision. I have yet to get my scores for the MCAT, but I am confident that I improved well compared to last year and I am more than satisfied with Dr. Webbink and the Enrichment Center. I not only improved my test taking abilities for the MCAT, but for every single test that I will have in medical school. You cannot get that even with a tutor from the big companies from what I can see.


A Confident, Satisfied Prospective Medical Student

I wanted to thank your organization in an emergency request to locate a professional, knowledgeable person to teach my son Algebra I - Part II as he is preparing for Novel exam.

Mr. Starr was very kind to take this task on the very next day after contacting your agency. JonT. (my son) learned the needed information from Mr. Starr and enjoy working with him.

His professionalism, mannerism and knowledge are more than appreciated!

-Kim Leagan


"C actually offered to give up some of the new school clothes I normally buy her in exchange for additional time at The Enrichment Centers program."

I was very excited to find the Enrichment Centers' Creative Arts program for my granddaughters this summer. Twelve-year old T and ten-year old C were spending several weeks with me and although they wanted it to be all "free time," I insisted they sign up for some program for part of their visit. Neither child wanted to go to a typical day camp or athletic program, but they were interested in doing dance, drama, art, and similar activities.
When I enrolled them, T indicated on her application that she wanted to learn hip-hop dance and to have an opportunity to be a counselor-in-training. C also was interested in dance and drama as well as creative writing.
On the first day, both girls were shy and apprehensive, but they came home at the end of the day bursting with enthusiasm! After several days, both of them began asking me to extend their enrollment. When I hesitated, C actually offered to give up some of the new school clothes I normally buy her in exchange for additional time at the Enrichment Centers' program.
Both girls got all of what they asked for and more. T was thrilled to spend lots of time doing hip-hop as well as being assigned to help with younger children. C got more instruction and practice on flute in a few weeks than what she got in the entire last school year. And both of them learned lots of new things without even realizing it.
What made this program especially good for them was that it was small, had lots of excellent and enthusiastic staff, and it was designed to work with each child's individual interests, talents and needs. T and C are already talking about returning next summer, for as many weeks as possible. I am so glad that I found the Enrichment Centers for my granddaughters.
Both girls continue to be very excited and enthusiastic about their programs, and both I and their mother are very happy that they are getting so much from it and that they're enjoying it at the Rockville center. The girls love your program.

-Toni Greenfeld


My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her teachers and the time spent learning old and new things! Again thank you.

-Liz Harris-Marshall


My daughter has been participating in the Science class on Mondays at Burning Tree Elementary School all year with Dr. Joel Cohen. She has loved it! The class is interesting and topics are broad. Dr. Cohen has done a nice job with such a young-aged group of children to build a life-long interest in science! He began the class with simple concepts and now they are learning the life-cycle of a caterpillar/butterfly. She has come home every week discussing in great detail the topic of the day and has frequently referred to her learning at a later time.

Thank you to you and the program and a great thanks to Dr. Cohen for keeping the class interesting and fun!

-Renata Bianchi


The French instructor is wonderful! Things are going well and the kids are really enjoying the class.

-Medea Ranck
Maury Elementary School


Kudos to Dr. Pat Webbink and all the hard work The Enrichment Centers does to benefit the children at the Oneness-Family School! The Enrichment Center has been providing us with various after school enrichment classes for about two years. We have had the privilege of having Chess, Future Einsteins, and just recently Hip-hop programs at our school. The children adore the wonderful instructors including Holly, the Hip-Hop instructor. The children couldn't stop raving about how wonderful she was! I have personally had the opportunity to observe a few sessions of the different classes. I was impressed by the nurturing quality the instructors had with all the students. We are all looking forward to another great year of classes with The Enrichment Centers!

-Ana García
Oneness-Family School


Finding a remediation program for the summer daytime hours where my daughter can have a social and athletic outlet in addition to academics is the trick. She really enjoyed her weeks with your program last year. I regretted not having enrolled her longer.

-Susan Fleishman


You really broke the log jam in his ability to get his thoughts on paper! My son, Evan, spent a week with you last summer working on his writing skills. This year, he is getting straight A’s in English (and actually in everything) and his teachers say they now have to sometimes tell him to write less, when his problem had always been not being able to write anything. So thanks!

-Christine Mauck


Your tutor was very pleasant, and caught Mary up in her Spanish and math just as we needed. I greatly appreciate your sending a tutor under such short notice. Mary is doing well at her new school, and having a tutor at the beginning made a huge difference. I would certainly recommend you to others, and call you in the future if Mary once again needed help.

-Susan Hickman


"I want to thank The Enrichment Centers so much for the tutoring my son received. He was able to increase his SAT math score by 60 points! Laura, his tutor, was wonderful! We were pleased during the process and are certainly pleased with the results. We appreciate the flexibility your center offered in scheduling to make the tutoring sessions fit with our busy schedule. I would recommend your center highly!"

-Suzanne Woodard


Wanted to let you know that our daughter, Patrique, had a rich one-week experience in your jump start program at the Rockville location. We'll be back next summer.

-Frances and Bill Beard


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