Key Staff

Dr. Pat Webbink

The founder and director of the Enrichment Centers Inc., Dr. Webbink has a degree in psychology from Duke University (1974). She is a pioneer in feminist therapy and has worked with colleagues for many years addressing problems of bullying and violence. A published author, Dr. Webbink is on the Board of Directors of the Center for Applied Study of Prejudice and Ethnoviolence.

Dr. Howard J. Ehrlich

An internationally known sociologist, Dr. Ehrlich is the founder and director of the Prejudice Institute, Inc. He heads teacher training and provides multicultural education as well as anti-violence and conflict reduction programs.

Lynn Ditchfield

An educator for more than 35-years, she has shown how art can be an effective strategy to engage at-risk students. Her research has been documented in a filmed case study entitled Linking Voices: Breaking Silence.

Katherine Schafer

The Enrichment Center's Director of Educational Programs. Ms. Schaffer has managed the Maryland and Virginia Supplemental Education Services (SES) programs since 2008.

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