Customized Small Group Tutoring

What is an Enrichment Centers' Small Group Tutoring Program?

Our Customized Small Group program allows parents to choose their child's curriculum, while placing them in a class of two to five, and sometimes one-on-one (our student-to-teacher ratio for the past several years has been 3:1). These programs are ideal for students who are not sufficiently challenged or engaged when in larger class settings. Small class size ensures that each child benefits from a customized learning plan which is fun and enriching.

After registering, we will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This will help us tailor our program to meet your child's needs. Small group customized programs have a student to teacher ratio of 3 to 1. You can combine any of our academic subjects with one of the following extracurricular classes: chess, cartooning, magic, anime, fashion design, drama, dance and more.


Below you will find descriptions of the programs we currently offer:

Academic Subject Tutoring

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 3-18
All subjects, levels and languages. Beginning, advanced and/or accelerated programs are available.

Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese or English (ESL)

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 3-18
Using TPR (Total Physical Response), the world's premier language teaching method, students utilize all of their senses to learn in a natural way. All other languages are under Individualized Programs.

Gifted and Talented Program

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 3-16
A stimulating and dynamic accelerated program, which focuses on the unique concerns and interests of gifted children. Students learn at their own pace and are grouped with other gifted students. For GTLD students (gifted and talented with learning disabilities) we mobilize strengths, build self-confidence and improve performance.
See our Gifted Program's brochure

Empowered Learning

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 3-18
Students learn time management, organization and study skills. Based on an assessment of learning styles, study skills and techniques are customized for each student. This program can help in many life endeavors beyond school work.

Mindful Learning

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 5-12
A unique program combining academics with yoga, movement skills, creative arts and mindfulness techniques.

Jump Start Back to School

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 3-18
Get a jump on the upcoming school year by reviewing the previous year's material and preparing for next year's curriculum. A great way to master academic skills!

Singapore Math

Half Day or Full Day - Ages 5-12
This internationally acclaimed method for teaching math uses logic and problem solving skills rather than teaching to the test. Students learn that math can be fun and interesting!


This hands-on learning program engages the child in science activities that are fun and challenging. Students learn to become active participants and critical thinkers.


Learn the rules and strategies of one of the most mind-challenging games ever created!


Learn to perform magic tricks like a pro while building imagination with confidence.


This dynamic art course allows students to explore line, shape, composition and color. Children gain confidence through drawing, learning different techniques and new drawing mediums.


Students learn about Anime and Manga (Japanese Animations and Comic Books). This art form combines vivid expression and meticulous design with extraordinary storylines. The class learns about the use of themes, imagery, genre. Students will also be taught the history of Anime and Manga, from the beginnings of the anime wave to current popular series and films being shown in Japan. All studies will be age-appropriate due to often mature themes in this medium.


Learn techniques on how to draw cartoon people, animals, situations and scenarios using easy-to-learn, effective drawing methods and tricks. Anyone can learn how to draw cartoons with appropriately placed shapes and lines in this fun and interactive class.

Puppet and Mask Making

Children assemble and create their own masks and puppets based on themes of personality, animals, and more. A variety of fun materials such as feathers, paint, sequins and stickers are used to inspire their imaginations.

Fashion Design

If fashion is your passion, then Fashion Design 101 is the class for you! Appropriate for students with little or no design experience, this class will focus on the principles of design and color. Children will then apply what they've learned to their very own styles. Fashion design is a fun and creative way to merge imagination and artistic vision!


The benefits of this movement and dance class include improved self-expression, confidence, and comfort in body movement. This program is a fun way to build self-esteem and coordination through rhythmic exercise.


Discover the depths of a new character. Put yourself into the life of another. Experience emotions you may never have felt or expressed and see the world through the eyes of another person. Engage in creative theater games where characters come alive. Interact with others, laugh, and expand your imagination.


From Bach to rock, country to hip-hop, students listen to, interpret, and appreciate diverse pieces and kinds of music. Experience melody and rhythm as it progresses through the ages. Feel the power of music as a medium and its capacity to heal, calm, energize or excite.


For a more personalized program, please see our Individualized programs.

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