Individualized Programs

What is an Enrichment Centers' Individualized Tutoring Program?

If you have specific individual requests or concerns, this is an ideal program that caters directly to the needs of your child. We can either arrange for a full-time staff member to be assigned to a student throughout the program, or we can integrate a student into a small group. You will be given individual time with staff members before classes begin in order to develop an ideal program. After registering, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will help us develop lesson plans specific to the needs of your child.

Individualized programs are our most personal form of teaching. Students and teachers work one-on-one on their subject of choice. This type of study produces rapid results, especially in foreign languages, math, and writing.

Teachers tailor material to each student's needs, and are receptive to feedback from parents. Those in individualized tutoring programs normally work one-on-one, but sometimes if two students at the same center are interested in learning the same subject (such as a foreign language), a small group may be formed to facilitate three-way conversations.


Below you will find descriptions for the following programs:

Academic Subjects

9am-12pm; 12pm-3pm; 3pm-6pm - Ages 3-18
Enrichment Centers' tutors work one-on-one with students, ensuring they receive exciting, stimulating, and challenging lessons. Tutors review school subjects, give a head start on next year’s work, and provide inspiration and real-life applications for schoolwork.

Language Tutoring

9am-12pm; 12pm-3pm; 3pm-6pm - Ages 3-18
Enrichment Centers' tutors teach every level of language, providing a complete immersion experience. Learn to speak, read, or write; whichever you prefer! We offer a great number of languages.

Test Prep

9am-12pm; 12pm-3pm; 3pm-6pm - Ages 3-18
Our teachers work one-on-one with students to prepare them for tests such as the SSAT, PSAT, SAT, SAT II, AP, IB, GRE, MCAT, LSAT, and more! We first identify student strengths and weaknesses, then customize a plan to shore up weak areas while further building individual talents. Students work under simulated test conditions and receive constructive feedback on essay portions. Test-taking skills and strategies are emphasized in addition to relevant subject material.

The Enrichment Centers' SAT Score Improvement Course

Our summer approach to SAT tutoring involves intensive refinement of the core skill sets tested: vocabulary, sentence completions, reading comprehension, mathematics (including arithmetic, geometry, a unique approach to SAT algebra, and other tested concepts), and the writing section.

We provide students with a broad and deep range of course materials, including dozens of practice sets for each skill, practice tests and assessment techniques such as weekly vocabulary quizzes, stories, sentences and weekly mathematics-technique quizzes. We engage parents in the learning process too,,as our instructors regularly apprise them of their child's progress. Our classes are further enhanced by use of the Internet, as course materials are available for students to view and download using the free Adobe Reader. Our instructors make themselves fully accessible to students via e-mail and popular Instant Messenger services and thus are an additional resource for answering student questions.

College Prep

9am-12pm; 12pm-3pm; 3pm-6pm - Ages 16+
Nervous about the college application process? Our College Prep Program can help! We work one-on-one with students to deal with the entire college admissions process, from the initial college search, to crafting an Ivy-League-quality admissions essay. Additionally, if a student needs to boost SAT or ACT scores, we can provide individualized tutoring for the math, verbal and/or writing sections. The College Prep-program is adaptable for all enrolled regardless of grade in school. College transfer students are also welcome to take part in this program.

Special Needs

9am-12pm; 12pm-3pm; 3pm-6pm - Ages 3-18
Children with developmental and learning disabilities, special talents, or special needs often require individualized attention and nurturing. This program offers a warm, supportive learning environment with a uniquely-designed curriculum for each student. A balanced approach emphasizes stimulating and challenging academics as well as extracurricular activities. Our specially-trained staff members work with children on an individual basis, giving each student the attention he or she requires. This one-on-one relationship allows each child to develop special talents and build self-esteem. Parents can also request that their children work in groups for social experience.


For other options, please see our Gifted & Talented Customized Small Group Programs.

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