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We have year-round opportunities for many teaching and administrative positions. Work with us!

Do you excel at a certain subject? Are you enthusiastic about teaching and providing fun and wholesome education? If you answered yes to these questions, apply to be a tutor for The Enrichment Centers!

We welcome applications from undergraduate and graduate students in all majors who have the ability and desire to teach. Our tutors not only educate their students, but also act as mentors, showing them the true worth of learning.

If this sounds like the right position for you, apply online at our website. Your cover letter should outline your talents, strengths, and interests; it should also discuss what you would bring to our programs if hired. In addition, please include a description of previous work with children (teaching, tutoring, volunteering, etc.). We require (3) references whom we can contact regarding related work experience. If you have any questions, please e-mail us via the form on the ApplyOnline site.

All undergraduates and graduates interested in tutoring children or administrative work are invited to apply. Fluency in a foreign language is highly desirable, though not mandatory. For those applying for an office position, preferred skills include computer proficiency, knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel), web design, graphic design, telephone sales experience, and/or accounting skills. Familiarity with Filemaker database systems and QuickBooks is a plus. For more details and information for international students, see below [jump link].

If this sounds like the right position for you, please apply online using our ApplyOnline site. Your cover letter should include a personal statement and a description of your ideal internship. If you have any questions, please e-mail us via the form on the ApplyOnline site.

We welcome applicants for administrative positions (bookkeeping/accounting, office management, tech positions, etc.). Preferred skills, especially for office positions, include: computer proficiency, familiarity with Microsoft Word applications (Word, Excel), telephone experience, and accounting skills/interest. Additional desirable skills include experience with: web design (PageMaker, InDesign, etc.), databases (such as FileMaker Pro), and QuickBooks.

If this sounds like the right position for you, please apply online using our ApplyOnline site.

If you are a psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, or social worker, we are eager to speak with you. Please complete our application using our ApplyOnline site. Be sure to include information about your license (please note the US State it is held in).

As an international student, interning with The Enrichment Centers provides a unique opportunity to share your culture, customs, and history, while simultaneously learning about others. We offer internships with flexible hours that allow interns to teach or tutor children of various ages and backgrounds. In addition, as part of a special program, interns from around the world may work in a Center specifically designed to foster cultural exchange. Interning with us is a genuine opportunity to expand your cultural horizons; don’t miss it!

If this sounds like the right position for you, please apply online using our ApplyOnline site.

How Our Internships Work

We offer the unique opportunity to design your ideal internship! With flexible hours, our internships are customized to satisfy your interests, needs, and goals. The Enrichment Centers is committed to ensuring that interns get the opportunity to explore their particular field of interest or discipline. As an intern, you may experience one or more of the following: administrative work in the office, teaching in an after-school or summer class, tutoring for students one-on-one. Each intern is assigned a mentor, who serves as the advisor and coaches the mentee.

We offer Year-Round Internships in the following areas:

World Languages
We offer opportunities for interns proficient in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and/or Arabic languages to teach in one of our diverse after-school or summer immersion programs. Basic English language skills are required.

Supplemental Educational Services
The Enrichment Centers develops individualized educational programs and works with students of all ages and backgrounds (including those who are gifted or learning-impaired). We provide interns interested in education the opportunities to teach, mentor, or tutor students in specific academic disciplines.

Other Academic Subjects: Math, Science, History, Art and English
Teach children and adolescent students in specific academic areas and/or standardized test preparation. We offer tutoring for the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT), the SAT Reasoning Test, Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and much more.

Psychology / Counseling
Learn about the field of psychology and work with licensed clinical psychologists. This internship provides students with the opportunity to do research, write reports, attend conferences, and/or work directly with children and adolescents.

The Prejudice Institute
Special arrangements are made for exceptional interns that demonstrate an interest in working directly with the Institute director, other interns, and network of consultants. While projects at the Institute vary, internship schedules are quarter-time (flexible 8-10 hours per week). Approximately 25% of internship hours are assigned to administrative work, 75% is devoted to research, writing, and design. An internship with The Prejudice Institute works in conjunction with the internship at The Enrichment Centers, Inc.

Click here to see the Prejudice Institute Website

Who Are Our Interns?

In recent seasons, we have taken on staff from Harvard, the College of William and Mary, Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, Smith, Brown, Amherst, Princeton, Clark University, Duke, California Institute of Technology, Washington University St. Louis, University of Virginia, George Washington University, Maryland, Swarthmore, University of Wisconsin and Mount Holyoke College, among others.

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