World Cultures & Politics

Adventures Around the World

This is a 10 week long journey to visit 10 different countries all over the world. At each destination, we will build an arts and craft project of a toy that a child from that country would play with. In addition, we will read an age/grade appropriate story that will discuss customs, foods, and family traditions in each of the ten countries. Following the story, we will play a game that is typically played by young children from each country. Finally, we will discover strange and unique facts about each of the ten countries. This world expedition will be filled with experiences that are fun, creative, and educational. It is sure to leave an impression on your young traveler

Adventures Through China

n this course, students embark upon a vivid tour of China and its multifaceted culture. Through interesting lessons and projects, they learn about different ethnic groups, food, travel, current affairs, history, calligraphy, painting, mythology, and other fascinating aspects of the Chinese experience. Specific regions of this vast nation are given a closer look through multimedia presentations and from seasoned travelers.

Exploring the Middle East

Ever wonder why some Middle-Eastern women wear veils? Do you think Iranians and Arabs speak the same language or have the exact same religion? Given the United States' current international political climate, it is vital for students to possess an informed understanding of the Middle East - its religions and its cultures and how this region of the world affects us as Americans. This class discusses the political and cultural ties and differences between the Middle East and the West, and addresses the role of gender. We also explore the manner in which the U.S. media portrays Arabs and Iranians.

Wonders of Africa

Students in this course enjoy the treat of our staff's firsthand accounts of Africa's many nations and peoples. While studies will trek primarily through West Africa, students explore various cultures, religions, and geographical regions throughout this complex continent. Participatory lessons include: daily life, dance, harvesting and farming, food preparation and cooking.

Cool Light: An Icelandic Voyage

Through hands-on lessons and activities, students will be transported to Iceland in their imaginations and discover the majestic landscapes of this unique country. The instructor introduces students to the history, geography, climate, culture and art of Iceland through projects and participatory activities.

Peace and Conflict Studies

This class provides a lively introduction to the field of peace and conflict studies through discussion, games and exercises. Students are encouraged to discover different approaches to creating and perpetuating peace, resolving conflict, and exploring the benefits and difficulties of peace maintenance .The spiritual use of compassion and social justice are explored as alternative paths to building a new kind of peace and stability for our world.

Ethics 101: Great Debates

Do you love to debate? Then this course is for you. Students learn how to use logic and other rhetorical tools to support their positions and debate topics such as drug and alcohol issues, school uniforms, politics and other social problems that are likely to touch their lives.

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