Foreign Languages for Young Children

Our language courses designed for young children will introduce conversational and basic foreign languages using Total Physical Response (TPR) - a “learn by doing” approach. We will explore cultural traditions and practices using everyday phrases, stories, games, and music in our classes.

Spanish for Young Children

¡Hola! Designed for young children, this class introduces conversational and basic Spanish language using Total Physical Response (TPR) -- a "learn by doing" approach. We explore cultural traditions and practices using everyday phrases, stories, games, and music in our classes.

Conversational Spanish

This course develops the skills students need to use Spanish conversationally. Every exercise and Total Physical Response (TPR) activity has students speaking, listening, learning and is enriched by studies of Spanish and Latin American cultures.

Intermediate Spanish

Using the Total Physical Response (TPR) technique, this class emphasizes practical communication and cultural knowledge. Ideal for students who possess a background of beginning Spanish language background.

Advanced Spanish

This class takes the next step. Students improve their ability to speak, read, and write Spanish quickly and coherently.


The Enrichment Centers' Chinese language program focuses on both written and spoken Chinese. Qualified instructors emphasize immediate and total immersion in the language and culture. Using visual stimuli, gestures, and role-playing, instructors create a lively and encouraging classroom environment that enhances the learning process. In order to help facilitate the learning of Chinese characters, we teach the origin of common pictographic components or radicals into which a Chinese character may be broken.

Chinese Program Developer Lia Phipps has brought her understanding of language and culture to the language curriculum. Educated in China and in the U.S., Ms. Phipps studied Chinese Literature at Wellesley College and at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. She has worked as a translator at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, and has taught in Taipei and Tokyo. -- A great language learning resource. It contains a dictionary and a chat room. There is also a lot of cultural information and information about the Chinese language.

Chinese Chat Room -- Direct link to the Chinese chat room. If you're studying Chinese this is a fun way to practice your Chinese. Chat uses pinyin (a Chinese phonetic script).

YesAsia -- Resource for purchasing Chinese movies, magazines, books, and CDs.

Visit our Elementary Chinese Web Site to learn more about this exciting launguage program.


Konichiwa! Experience Japanese culture and language using Total Physical Response (TPR). Our games, songs, and activities make learning this beautiful language fun for everyone.


Bonjour! Students learn French language and cultures using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method and other audio-lingual communicative approaches to language acquisition. Activities, games and music are incorporated in the class to give students maximum exposure to language and culture.


We welcome you to join us on an exciting journey through Russia. We explore Russian culture and language by singing songs, playing games, watching movies, and telling beautiful traditional tales. Students learn to speak in the first few lessons, and then apply phonetics to learn the Cyrillic alphabet.


Guten Tag! This course presents German in a fun, exciting, and educational manner that fosters solid oral, reading and writing skills. Students learn oral, written, and reading skills through songs, stories, and everyday conversation. They are also taught about the unique landscapes, climates, and cultures of German-speaking countries.

American Sign Language - ASL

ASL opens up a world of new friends and experiences! Students sign along with songs, stories, and everyday conversation with our experienced teachers who make it fun and easy to learn this beautiful language.

Language Empowerment for Parents (parents only)

This dynamic course helps parents empower themselves to support their children who are studying a foreign language. We provide parents enough familiarity with the given language, in addition to providing books, audiotapes and other materials, so that they can reinforce class lessons at home.

If you don't see what you're looking for, we would be happy to customize a class to suit your students' interests and needs. Contact us to bring our programs to your school

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