Summer Program FAQs

1. What types of summer programs do you offer?

We offer several types of summer programs, all listed on this website, for children and students between the ages of 3-18. Our programs feature individualized instruction and a warm, supportive environment free from unnecessary pressure and the stress of homework. With highly qualified staff, we balance academics with fun projects and creative interests to keep the learning process exciting! In addition to our Summer Enrichment Programs, we also offer one-on-one programs and customized group program options.

2. How exactly do I register?

Our registration process consists of three parts: the registration form itself, the registration questionnaire (which helps us individualize the program for your child) and payment. Please call our offices at 301-229-8000 for more information or to register over the phone.

3. Who will the staff of the summer programs be?

We have a wonderful and dynamic staff working with us for the summer, including teachers, tutors, working professionals, and interns. Our diverse, hard-working staff holds BA's, MA's, and other advanced degrees from schools such as Smith, William and Mary, American University, Harvard, Georgetown, GW, Pomona, Stanford, George Mason, and Duke.

4. How do I know where a particular summer program is offered?

Unless otherwise noted, all programs are offered at each location. Please consult the Locations page for exact address of the location in which you are interested.

5. Do you provide transportation?

Unfortunately, The Enrichment Centers does not provide transportation to and from our summer centers. Students may be picked up and dropped off by a family member or other reliable adult. Also, many of our centers are accessible by public transportation (bus or Metro).

6. Would it be possible to house a visiting intern?

Yes! There are many interns who are coming to us from foreign countries or from other parts of the U.S. who would appreciate the opportunity to stay with a host family. If you are interested in hosting a student, please let us know.

7. Are you affiliated with MCPS? DCPS? Local private schools?

No. The Enrichment Centers does, however, work closely with a number of public and private schools, principals, administrators, and teachers who are supportive of us. During the school year in particular we are involved with area schools' after-school programs. The Enrichment Centers is also a Supplemental Educational Services ("No Child Left Behind") provider in Maryland and Virginia.

8. Am I required to register my child for all the weeks in a program?

No, you can pick and choose the weeks and the programs that best fit into your summer plans. When registering, just let us know which weeks work best for you! Please be aware, however, that due to our "No Refund" policy, you cannot receive a refund if you decide that your child cannot attend a session for which he or she is already registered.

9. What is your refund policy?

The Enrichment Centers has a "No Refund" policy for all of our summer programs. Because of this, it is very important that parents make sure that their children are able to attend all of the weeks for which they register. If a situation arises in which you find that your child will, for example, be away during week 7 but you have already registered and paid for week 7, we will do everything possible to enroll your child in another summer session that is more convenient.

10. Can I register my child for just one week?

Our staff believes that students will gain the most benefit (particularly in language immersion programs) if parents register for multiple weeks at a time. However, you are welcome to register for the number of sessions you think best -- from 1 week to all 12.

11. Is there a set curriculum?

Our curriculum is based on the ages and academic levels of the children enrolled for the summer. Individual curricula are created by experienced staff members to provide students with a wide variety of experiences in our Summer Enrichment Projects, and can easily be altered to fit your child’s specific needs. We offer student-centered programs that empower children and adolescents to increase their knowledge, while enjoying learning.

12. Is there a set daily schedule? What type of activities might my child be engaged in?

Schedules vary for each program, but our Summer Enrichment Projects follow a regular schedule with new projects each week. These weekly projects involve activities such as writing and performing plays, designing environmental protection plans, or creating and building architectural models. Students of all ages will find their own niche through these projects, and will learn how specific academic subjects are related and applied to the real world. Our teachers and tutors integrate arts, social science, drama, language, and multicultural activities in sessions that provide structure yet are also flexible enough to meet particular student needs.

13. What exactly does "individualized" mean?

"Individualized" means that, for a higher fee, we tailor a program to the specific, individual needs of your child. Our tutors make sure that students are learning 100% of the time! See more information on our language and individual tutoring programs.

14. Is lunch provided?

No. We ask that each child bring his/her own bag lunch every day

15. What are the hours like? What if I can't pick my child up at 3:00?

While our general hours for the summer programs are 9:00am-3:00pm daily, our programs adapt to the needs of working parents in the form of extended hours. Our extended hours are available from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Children stay in our facilities and are supervised by our teachers and tutors. Individual attention for the afternoon extended hours session can be assured by signing up for our individual tutoring program. This way, if a parent cannot pick up his/her child until 6pm, he/she can be assured that we are working closely with his/her son or daughter in a subject-area of the parents’ choosing. Please view our individual tutoring program for more information.

16. Can I enroll my child in individual tutoring and the summer program at the same time?

Of course! For students already attending the summer program, we offer summer tutoring after the day ends at 3:00pm. Afternoon individual tutoring can take place between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. Our individual, home-based tutoring program is available year-round, during the day, as well as during evening and weekend hours. You can get more information about our tutoring program on this page.

17. What can I do to help?

We would appreciate any organizational, clerical, or professional expertise. Donations of educational materials and supplies are always welcome as well! Contact us to find out more about how you can make a difference with The Enrichment Centers.

18. What types of activities and subjects are taught in the summer Enrichment Program?

Our summer Enrichment Program uses a project-based approach. For example, one week, students might focus on volcanoes as a topic. We may focus on physics, art, geography, environmental science, history, and math projects related to this topic. Another sample topic is butterflies. We may focus on biology, art, physics, evolution, math, environmental science, and literature-based projects with butterflies as the focus. All of our Enrichment activities are age-appropriate.

19. Is there an age requirement for the summer dance classes?

No. Our summer dance offerings are grouped by level (age-appropriately).

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