What more happy clients have to say!

My children are now older, but I vividly remember the angst of them sitting with someone to take the WPPSI test. I engaged the Enrichment Center and Dr. Webbink suggested one of her staff members. The staff member was extremely patient, caring, and provided age-appropriate stimulating activities for our son. He looked forward to his sessions with her because of her warmth of spirit and her ability to make the sessions fun! Our son performed terrific on the WPPSI. We were so pleased with the Enrichment Center, we returned two years later with our daughter. The Center provided us with another staff member. The results were very similar. The person was flexible with our schedule. She came with a variety of age-appropriate activities. She was kind and very patient! We were extremely pleased with her efforts. Dr. Webbink was customer friendly, her staff were reliable and on time, and the price point was reasonable. I enthusiastically recommend the Enrichment Center!
Douglas T.


Good Morning. This is Yehimy Umanzor, writing this note to first thank you all for your ongoing support on my children's education, before this program with Choices and the tutoring. It was very difficult for me to help my children succeed at School, but now with your help we as a family are happy and functional. Before I got frustrated with my self as a parent and scared for my children that they may not graduate High School or not have an opportunity to go to College. Since then I have seen Kimberly Umanzor want to finish School, and go to College! Which its great. Lately I have been a more effective parent with all of your support. I thank you Choices and The Enrichment Center (Rachael, Steve you both are angels...Thank you). And of course Nancy, Lucy, Pat Webbink. I would like this programs to continue, I strongly believe that they are an asset to my children's future.

Thank you kindly,
Yehimy Umanzor


Hi P. and J.,

I enjoyed teaching the kids a bit about sleight of hand magic, and I was touched at how warm they were at the end of our adventure. They went out of their way to hug me at the end and say long good-byes.

For the little show we put on for their parents, they came prepared, all dressed up, and did the following:

I. – a "warm-up" exercise where he clasped his hands together and twisted them in a way the audience could not follow (Joelle, I think you had seen that when you checked in on us one time); he seemed to fool the adults, who were genuinely surprised.

K. – he did a "finger pulling" stunt where he stretched his thumb to 200% of its size

I. – she placed a coin under a handkerchief, had people check that it's really there, and made it disappear without a trace

R. – he made a coin appear from a wand, then he performed a card trick

D. – he did a trick I did not teach in class (but I showed him informally, and he really enjoyed it), where a coin is rubbed and visibly changes into another coin; he performed it well, from the reactions of the audience

C. – she "sawed" a sponge ball, dividing it into two balls

Z. – she did the same "sawing" trick as Charlotte

A. – he also did the thumb pulling stunt (like Kai) with great acting, straining and having his face turn red in the process

They about half of them performed some encore effects for the proud parents in attendance.

Throughout the past 10 weeks, we had fun, but I think it's tough for kids this young to concentrate at 4:30 pm, after having been in classes all day long.  I had to balance their need to vent and have fun and be goofy with actually teaching them magic tricks (which takes considerable concentration and repetition). Because of this, I especially appreciate having had Hannah in the class to help me.

Thanks for this opportunity, and happy holidays.
Cristian Vidrascu


At first talking to Myles I didn't know how to react. He joked alot. I ended up hiring him to tutor both my children when I could afford it. When he came to the house and met both my children, it turned out to be a blessing. It has been almost three month and Myles is a household name with my children. When they see him they smile and want to learn. Why ? Because he listens to them and he treats them like the little people they are. It is not about the money that he earns. Myles has been a friend, a tutor, and a great guy to our family
Tara Ormsby

I once again would like to thank you for coordinating the Sign Language class for Lane Elementary for the spring 2013 session. The children learned a lot, and Amanda was a wonderful teacher. I would like to have sign language on the schedule again for the fall. In addition, I would like to request the following: Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills, Friendship Basics, Money Management, Ethics 101: Grea Debates.
Thank you.
Maryanne MacVicar


I wanted to send you a quick note regarding our first tutoring session today. Meaghan worked with my children today and did a great job. The kids were excited because with Meaghan's help they were able to get through all of their homework and do a great job. When I looked over my son's homework, he said it was the first time I had ever checked his homework and he had no mistakes!
Rhonda Stewart


Just to let you know that about two weeks ago I sent out a request for feedback to the families of the students who participate in all the after-school programs.

I received back several emails from your student's parents saying how much they truly enjoyed your Anime class and how much they look forward to attending.
Thank you for all your hard work! Stay Safe!
Gina Trant
Panther Programs
Pyle Middle School
Bethesda, MD


Camp is going great for the kids. Joey got Gavin to write a 4-sentence summary, which is a feat in and of itself!

My friend Moon is interested in math enrichment tutoring for her 8-year-old since Montgomery County is no longer pulling advanced math students out to work in a separate classroom.



Dr. Webbink - we all send you lots and lots of love. You are dearly missed.

:-) Best, Mary


It has been a pleasure working with you and The Enrichment Centers for all these years; and I very much hope that you will return next school year to teach at North Bethesda Middle School in our after school program. The kids really loved all your classes!
Thanks very much!

~Emily Pavlick
Outgoing ASA Chair at NB

Dr. Webbink - You and your staff at The Enrichment Centers are very special to my son, Allen and our entire family.

~Mary Kayvan


Thanks so much for the amazing Anime class you taught to our North Bethesda Middle School students in session #3!! They REALLY loved it! Great job! I hope you'll join us next year again.

~Emily Pavlick


I just wanted to let you know that Natalie is REALLY enjoying her anime classes on Friday afternoons at Two Rivers. I am very pleased that you were able to bring that program to her school.
I would love for Natalie to be able to have an "empowered learning" session this summer.
Please pass on to your anime instructor that he is very appreciated by the students. I know Natalie really looks forward to the class because of her excitement level on Friday mornings before school.
Anyway, Natalie is really enjoying the anime course, and I hope she can take your lessons on empowered learning - which she will certainly need in her new school!

~Jennifer Pargas

Oliver and Lucien loved the Manga Class Friday. I think the kids really enjoyed the age range. I may sign Oliver up for some weeks of the summer program.


~Gina Anderson

It was a pleasure having Chris working with the members here at Dunbar instructing in the drawing class.The staff and members found Chris to be very knowledgeable and informative. Every Wednesday his class was an attraction, and we were saddened to see the class end.

We would like to have him continue the drawing class in the future, hopefully after the New Year.

~Patrice Hall
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington/Dunbar Alexandria Olympic Branch

Just a quick note to let you folks know that Mollie LOVED class on Thursday. She is going to be out this week for the Chorus trip so perhaps we will reschedule the class which would make her incredibly happy. She has been signing all over the place much the amazement of her brothers and is eager for more! Thank you – it’s actually been an incredible confidence boost for her as well so the more opportunities for her to learn and practice, etc., the happier she is!
~Rena Milchberg 


We have some good news! The Geometry Honors 3rd quarter interim grade was a D+. The first quiz after we started with your tutor was 40/40 (a perfect score - an A! after several F's in a row). The subsequent grades were all high B's or low A's. Looks like final 3rd quarter grade will be a B. I know he'll pull that back up to an A in the 4th quarter with the ongoing support from your tutors. I can't begin to thank you enough. Your tutors are wonderful! My son loves working with them and they are obviously making a difference!



Steve was great with the kids in the Early Einsteins class. I wished we could have continued on, but thank you for restructuring the program to fit our needs; the parents were happy that we were able to offer it.

~Kenella Moten
  Kingsbury Day School


Kate loves Chinese Class at McKinley Elementary School, Arlington, VA and the teacher. It beats out hip-hop to my amazement


My son Darren was tutored by Andy Webbink a few years ago in Chemistry and had a wonderful experience with him. We are now looking for a geometry tutor for our daughter. Do you have a nice person you could recommend - that could come to our house?

Thank you. Hope Andy is well.

~Patricia Benton


I highly recommend Andy Webbink as a math and science tutor if your child needs assistance. Andy is very effective and has a wonderful, straightforward way of working with students. From what I have observed, he is very strong in high school math and science.
~ Susan


He is having a wonderful time, made some new friends and excited every morning to go. That itself speaks volumes about how wonderful your program is, because Sreejato is not someone who adjusts easily.


My name is Cheryl and I am writing this letter of appreciation to praise the Enrichment Centers, Inc. My daughter Brooke has attended your camp for many weeks during the past three summers. It is not often that a child enjoys learning all day, five days a week during the summer. Brooke couldn’t get enough of your camp. She couldn't wait to wake up and go back for another day of “fun”. What made the camp especially fun for her was your professional staff. Colin Carmello and Anthony Riccio made the Enrichment Center not only educational but also an entertaining experience. Thank you for your help.


I want to say my son has improved his reading level. When he started in 1st grade this year he could not read that well. Now because of the Enrichment Centers he likes to read to me and dad all the time. Thanks for all your help with his reading! Last year he was in an after school program and he hated it. So I let him stop going. This year he enjoys going.


“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”
Frederick Douglass, the erudite abolitionist, once mused.

Literacy is a window to both the universe of the mind and the cosmic universe. A child robbed of such existential tool will subsist at the fringes of life, in agonizing grips of intellectual, economic, and social exclusion.

A literate child is most likely to become a literate adult, and all the advantages that come with it: live one’s full potential. Therefore, as a parent, I consider childhood literacy indispensable, and deem the lack thereof as a gross violation of the child’s right.

My mother, though illiterate, realized the crushing limitations of illiteracy in my native Ghana. She vowed never to let her children suffer the indignities of this avoidable disease. I have extended the same promise to my children, but with the current leaps in global information technology, and the fact that I am blessed with the ability to read, I am better equipped to outpaced my mother’s relatively modest dream.

So, when I realized that my 5-year-old daughter, was reading at an “average level” I became concerned; I knew with instructional assistance, she could do far better.

First, I developed an after-school reading scheme for her. I was the instructor. I saw some progress, but I felt she could do much more.

Then my daughter came home one day with the Enrichment Centers’ free reading program flier. I enrolled her immediately. It did not take long to see some remarkable improvements in her reading and comprehension. Also, I was particularly excited about visible strides in a technique we had been working on: syllabic chunking. She began using this technique to break every word with two or more syllables down into chunks so she could “devour” it. She told me her after-school teacher taught her.

Now, my daughter is reading above her grade level. The Enrichment program’s role in my daughter’s remarkable progress in reading is a testament to the program’s effectiveness.

She is ready for the winter stint. She is excited.

So am I.



I am writing to express our gratitude for the outstanding service that you and The Enrichment Centers,Inc. provide to the students and families of North Bethesda Middle School. You always go the extra mile to accommodate our organization’s particular needs. The children are having fabulous, educational and entertaining experiences. Your dedication and background makes a good experience GREAT! Thank you so much for your unwavering attention to detail and all that you and the staff at TEC provide. It’s a pleasure to do business with you. We mean every word of what we have said.

Thank you!

~Mary Collishaw
  Chair of the North Bethesda After School Activities Committee


~Tiffany DeZee, Programming Sub Committee
  With the North Bethesda After School Activities Committee


I am writing this letter to praise the Enrichment Centers, Inc. My daughter has attended camp for several weeks during the past three summers. It is not often that a child enjoys learning all day, five days a week during the summer. My daughter couldn’t get enough of your camp. She couldn’t wait to wake up and go back for another day of “fun”. What made the camp especially fun for her was your professional staff, Colin Carmello and Anthony Riccio. Thank you again for making Brooke’s experience both educational and entertaining.


First and foremost, I just want to thank you for letting me intern this summer. I throughly loved teaching ESL. It has been rewarding being able teach these kids teaching ESL. What I learned in this internship that as a teacher, we can make big difference by making kids understand that we care and love of the subject that we teach. I was more enthusiastic than ever to teach.

I am not sure what future holds for me yet, but teaching is on top of my list in my future plan. And I hope that we(interns) made you proud of your centers. We really did work hard and I think we had a great staff this year.

Again, thanks for letting me intern this summer and I hope your other center will be successful.
"Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to continue working at the Centers. I hope I will be able to return again next year!"
It has really been a pleasure working with Jessie, Asmita, and Risa, who were very considerate and caring in every aspect. I also enjoyed the company of the students who were most certainly a delight to teach. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to continue working at the Centers. I hope I will be able to return again next year!


I am writing to let you know how very happy we were with our tutor Mrs. Janet Revells. She connected and worked so well with our granddaughter. Our granddaughter looked forward to your tutor coming each week. I would like very must to request having Janet Revells as tutor again next school year if possible!


The Maryland Choices team is celebrating Cassandra’s huge improvements in attendance, math and other subjects for grade 7. We thank you and the 7th grade team for all your dedication this year! Cassandra will continue her Math tutoring with Gary Pena from The Enrichment Centers this summer and will work on her math packet for grade 8 as well as to attend Summer School for Math. Please let us know if you think there is any area that Cassandra can focus on this summer in addition to what she will be doing. This was great team work between school staff, The Enrichment Centers, and Maryland Choices.


I want you to be the first to know: My daughter earned an A in math on her report card! You'll remember she made an A on the assessment you helped her study for; that led to the A as well as positive feedback from her teacher. If one session with your teacher can help her that much, I can't wait to see what several sessions will do!
"Thanks so much for your time and attention!"
Thanks so much for your time and attention. With the help of the Enrichment Center, she's feeling very comfortable going into 2nd grade


This past summer I took the MCAT for the second time and utilized the Enrichment Centers for my preparations. Last summer when I took the MCAT for the first time, I utilized a major preparation company that shall not be named for confidentiality reasons. I did not get tutoring from them, but rather participated in a class which was good preparation, but not enough to achieve the score that I wanted. I have heard that their tutoring is personalized but probably not to the extent of personalization that I got from Dr. Webbink and the Enrichment Center.


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