Tutoring & Mentoring Overview

We’ll Come To You!

At The Enrichment Centers, we make learning fun! We offer year-round tutoring and mentoring in your home, at your local library, or at a nearby school. For each subject, we appoint professional tutors who are experts in the subject matter. With enthusiasm and a track record of outstanding success, we ensure that the learning experience is stimulating and interesting from start to finish.

Our Way Is Your Way!

Our tutors teach all subjects for all levels and ages. We apply dynamic and successful teaching methods and tailor them to the learning styles of each student. After assessing a student’s unique interests, talents, and learning style, we develop a curriculum to meet his or her needs. This approach creates a clear channel of communication between students and their tutor or teacher, allowing them to truly grasp and retain new ideas and information.

The Whole Student

Equally important to our approach is that our staff members serve as role models, mentors, and friends to students. They establish a supportive and affable rapport that puts a friendly face on academics and study, while also imparting life skills to each student. Our dedicated tutors and teachers work closely with families to design curricula that accommodate students' intellectual, emotional, and learning needs and abilities.

We screen and select highly-skilled professionals who are devoted to the education of the whole person. Most are graduates of top institutions; all possess a love of learning and teaching.

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