Test Prep

Our tutors will help raise your scores and to master the art of test-taking!

We teach test-taking strategies, speed-reading, time-management, and content-review in order to bring you up to peak-performance in a high-pressure environment. From the list below, select the class which best meets your needs. Call us to get started!


SAT Prep is offered either as an after-school class or on an individual basis (one-on-one tutoring). It is designed for the sole purpose of helping students to score as high as possible on the test.

We focus on the verbal, math, and writing skills that are tested by the SAT. Tutoring is available for all three sections of the test. Alternatively, students may choose to concentrate on specific sections (i.e. verbal and writing only; math and writing only; verbal and math only).

Our instructors and tutors help students learn and memorize commonly-tested vocabulary words and to learn test-taking strategies essential for succeeding in reading comprehension. We also focus on key algebra and geometry concepts covered on the SAT. By using diagnostic exams and paying careful attention to time constraints, we simulate test conditions. Our goal is to make students comfortable and confident when taking the actual test.

We provide students with a broad and challenging range of course materials, including dozens of practice problems for each skill set, practice tests, and assessment techniques, such as weekly vocabulary quizzes, reading passages, essay-writing exercises, and weekly mathematics technique quizzes.

We encourage parents to participate in the learning process. Our instructors regularly apprise parents of their child's progress. We do not require students to bring specific test prep tools, as all our tutors and instructors come to sessions with the required materials. Nevertheless, if students already have books or CDs from which they want to work, they are more than welcome to use these materials as supplements in their test-prep sessions.


We can show you how to obtain the results you need in order to reach your post-graduate educational objectives.

We place great emphasis on helping you to think like the test-makers. Improve your score by avoiding "real" math, scanning reading passages to quickly answer questions, and learning the most effective guessing strategies.


The nation’s top Law Schools are in your grasp!

Developed by attorney Dan Sachs, Esq. and taught by law school graduates seasoned in LSAT methods, this course provides test-taking strategies, analysis exercises, and comprehensive practice preparation.


Your ticket to a top business school!

Specialized teachers, including MBAs, will help you raise your previous test score or prepare to take the exam for the first time. Our teachers will help you discover and overcome problem areas and share specific and proven tips for success on the GMAT.


Our Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) Prep provides assistance and mentorship to middle and high school students who are studying for this test.

Our SSAT preparation program (available as an after-school class or through one-on-one tutoring) focuses on improving the specific verbal, math, and writing skills tested by the SSAT. Our tutors help students memorize commonly-tested vocabulary words and learn strategies essential for succeeding on reading comprehension and other verbal sections of the test. We also focus on the algebra and geometry concepts covered by the SSAT.

By using diagnostic preparatory exams, paying careful attention to time constraints and giving students high-quality test-taking strategies, we simulate test conditions. As always, our tutors' goal is to make students feel as informed, comfortable, and confident as possible when they actually take the SSAT.


It's time to earn the high school degree you've always wanted!

In this competitive world, a high school diploma is a must in many fields. Learn the math, language skills, and science needed to earn your General Equivalency Diploma. A variety of materials help supplement our core curriculum and allow us to match your specific needs. Our highly experienced tutors and teachers are here to help you succeed.


Specialized teachers, including M.D.s, show you how to score high or improve previous scores.

Walk into your exam prepared for success. Students are given a general overview of the exam and learn how to scan for relevant information in problem fact-patterns and reading passages. Our teachers and tutors provide thorough and in-depth instruction in biology, the physical sciences, and verbal reasoning and in more difficult areas such as organic chemistry or physics.


Work with specialized teachers and CPAs to prepare for your exam! Invest in your career.

Whether you are taking this exam for the first time or retaking a section of it, we can help you prepare by learning studying tips and doing practice exercises on all four sections of the test. Let us customize a success strategy that meets your needs and ensures your success.


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