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Empowered Learning: Organizational and Study Skills

Organization, good study habits and skills, focus and motivation, are essential to success in school and in life. Especially in transition years, students find themselves struggling as they forget about assignments, procrastinate, and study inefficiently. Academic success for even the brightest students is contingent upon efficient work habits. Empowered learning has been carefully crafted by experts to transform learning from a passive process to be endured, into an exciting means of exploration. We evaluate each child on learning styles, and determine whether they are visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners. Students are taught effective study habits tailored to their particular learning style.

Private Tutoring

Our experienced tutors are available before and after school to reinforce classwork or address any academic subject with which your child may be struggling. They can also help top performing students to acquire the academic edge they need. Tutoring can take place either in your home or in a mutually-convenient location, like your school or local library anywhere throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Test Preparation and Study Skills

Our teachers help students improve their scores on tests (SSAT, ISSE, SAT I & II, AP, GRE, MCAT, GMAT, LSAT, ASVAB) and master the art of test-taking. This course emphasizes test-taking strategies, speed-reading, time-management and content review to help students gain confidence so they can relax and succeed in a pressured environment.

Homework Club

We provide students with additional help on homework or class assignments in any subject. This course teaches organizational and time-management skills, and methods to ensure the timely completion of tasks. Our teachers are available to address any questions or concerns about homework or overall study skills or habits.

Peak Performance: Improved Athletic & Academic Performance

What stops you from reaching your potential? Have you ever taken a test and done poorly, when you knew you could have done better? Have you ever made mistakes while playing sports and known that you really were capable of performing much better? Based upon principles of sports psychology and led by an experienced psychologist in the field, we help you mobilize your potential and develop a consistent, proficient level of performance in whatever you do. Students learn techniques utilized by top athletes and scholars that help them focus, reduce stress and get the most out of every moment of every day. The Chicago Bulls, for example, utilize a special approach called "Mindfulness", which includes imagery and creative visualization to increase relaxation, concentration and balance.

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