Interview Prep

College Interviews

College admissions offices size you up in every dimension. They consider your academic standing, your extracurricular achievements, your work ethic, and, of course, the way you present yourself in the personal interview. The latter is the linchpin of your college application.

Preparing for such an interview can be nerve-wracking, and the last thing you want is to go in unprepared. In our College Interview Prep program, our counselors will guide you through this process. We make sure you wow the faculty, whether your interview occurs during a campus tour, during an admissions officer’s visit to your high school, or in a meeting with an alumni representative. You will understand the interviewer’s questions, and you will prepare questions to ask him or her. We’ll teach you strategies for researching the college, prepare you with mock interviews, and give you plenty of support through the entire process. You’ll be ready for anything they throw at you!

Preparing for a Job Interview

Applying for jobs has become quite impersonal. With the innovation of digital resumes, internet exchange, and video conferencing, applicants are often lost in the crowd. But despite all these changes, one fact remains true: your live interview is your ticket in or your ticket home. The Enrichment Centers will help you craft the perfect portfolio and persona to get you that job! You bring the qualifications, and we’ll help you:

• Prepare your resume
• Write the cover letter and gather follow-up information
• Maintain and display enthusiasm when you are interviewed

We will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to put on your freshest face, so you present yourself with total honesty and confidence.

As you mature from student to working adult, the "real world" can seem daunting. The skills you will develop in our program can be used in many situations common in adulthood, such as: applying for a loan, renting or buying an apartment/house, registering for insurance or benefits, obtaining a volunteer or political post – even enrolling a child at a new school. Your success is our business!

Scholarship Interviews

Having completed your scholarship application and filled out all the paperwork, you must now prepare for the interview. Unexpectedly, you have a few questions of your own! "What do I do? What do I say? What will happen next?" Our staff helps you find the answers by helping you research financial aid and scholarship/grant sources effectively, providing interview tips and tricks, and teaching you essential communication techniques. Show your college just how deserving you are, and how much they stand to gain if you attend their school.

Internship Interviews

In this competitive and dynamic job market, an internship is often more valuable than temporary paid work. In turn, an internship augments your value to a future employer, affording you experience, putting your talents to use, and jump-starting your career. Securing the internship requires an interview, and with our program, there is no need to worry. Ultimately, an internship interview is a conversation between you and the organization to see if your goals align with their program. We'll show you how to put your best foot forward and make the most of the meeting!


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