Music and Theater

The Passion of Theater

Step out of your skin and inhabit the life of a new character! In this course, students will scale the heights of their creativity as they portray different personalities through classical and method acting. Experience emotions you may never have felt or expressed and see the world come alive. Interact with others, laugh, and expand your imagination. Join us as we perform a theatrical production to entertain parents, teachers and friends.

Fun with Improv!

Discover and enjoy the benefits of dramatic improvisation in this exciting and lively class. Through games and cooperative activities, children learn the fundamentals of performance while gaining confidence and having a great time. This class teaches students how to think on their feet and enhances their interpersonal and group skills that will serve them on and offstage, alike!

Let's Play Music

Geared to different ages, this course involves a variety of instruments, including drums, guitars, bells, keyboards, flutes, etc.  We also sing, and harmonize using our voices as instruments. Sometimes we make an orchestra, which teaches children organization skills as well.

Recognition of Composers, and music theory is included.  We even have a marvelous Magic and Music course and one-time performance, led by professional musicians who also work with Magic.

Turn It Up! -- An Appreciation of Music

From Bach to rock, country to hip-hop, students will listen to, interpret, and appreciate diverse kinds of music. They will experience the progress and evolution of melody and rhythm as it progresses through the ages. This course celebrates music as a medium and its capacity to heal, calm, energize or excite.

Change-Ringing on Hand Bells, developed by Dr. Ann Martin

If you enjoy the sweet chiming of bells and rhythmic patterns of rounds, this class is for you! Change-ringing is a medieval art created in England in the 16th century. You may have heard bells sounding in change-ringing patterns in footage of a Royal Wedding. The essence of this art is striking a set of bells - any number from 6 to 12 - repeatedly in different orders according to pre-established patterns. The only prerequisite for learning this art is a good sense of rhythm and an ability to count to ten backwards and forwards. The class may include a field trip to the Washington Cathedral or the Old Post Office tower at 12th and Pennsylvania.

These courses are taught by a diverse group of talented and experienced instructors and may vary according to the unique talents and expertise of the teacher. Skills learned through the arts include: the ability to move beyond the literal, to plan and see a project through from start to finish, an appreciation of different perspectives, empathy, cooperation, pattern recognition, critical interpretation, and more. These skills also transfer to learning endeavors in Math, History, Literature, Reading, and Science.


If you don't see what you're looking for, we would be happy to customize a class to suit your students' interests and needs.

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