Reading & Writing

Tell Me A Story: Beginning Reading

In our introduction to reading course, we inspire children to read and develop their dramatic and expressive abilities. They become part of the stories through role-playing and other interactive activities. This is a fun-filled way for children to learn cooperation while improving their confidence, vocabulary, creativity and memory, as well as develop their communication skills.

Exploring Fairy Tales: From Snow White to Cinderella

Fairy tales enchant people of all ages. In this course, students read and discuss tales from classical authors such as Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm, to tales from other cultures. Students rewrite these stories in their own words and add their own artwork, thus providing a bridge to original creative thinking and writing.

Creative Writing

This class is ideal for students interested in writing their own poetry, short fiction and autobiographies. Students enhance their love of the written word as well as practical composition skills through creative exercises, peer critique and an emphasis on point of view, description, voice and theme.


Keeping a journal or diary is not just for children. In fact, there is a monthly magazine (Personal Journaling) completely devoted to this growing activity. Adults and adolescents alike have discovered the personal enjoyment of journaling, as well as its therapeutic and creative value. In this class, students learn about different approaches and uses for writing through varied activities like chronological journaling and dream recall.

Budding Poets

Budding Poets is a fun, introductory poetry-writing class. Students learn about and begin to write in metered and free-verse styles. Sessions include brainstorming, writing exercises, peer critique, reading aloud and other special activities that instill skill and technique in expression. We also explore the work of poet-laureates and other well-known bards such as Robert Frost, Nikki Giovanni, Edgar Allan Poe, Maya Angelou -- all giving us wonderful examples to emulate!

Introduction to Journalism: The Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Do you dream of being the next editor of The Washington Post, or becoming a high-profile writer for your favorite pop-culture magazine? Students in this class learn the basics of writing techniques, the importance of journalistic integrity and the dangers of plagiarism in all major media forms. Through group activities, participants learn to design their own magazine, newspaper or TV copy, and create journalistic pieces to add to their portfolios.

Raising a Reader: How To Instill a Love of Reading in Your Child (Parents Only)

Parents may not realize how big an impact they have on their children's academic success. A large part of succeeding in school, college and beyond has to do with reading experience and capability. Yet in the age of video games and the Internet, many children do not enjoy reading and do not incorporate it into their daily lives. This course enables parents to help their children turn this around and thus able to improve their vocabulary, score higher on tests, become more articulate speakers and succeed in school. Some of the concepts we address include: reading aloud, how to use libraries and how to incorporate your child's interests in his or her reading experience. Open to all parents, regardless of their children's ages.


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